Being successful female DJ is not about your attractive features but creativity – Commissioner DJ Wysei She’s young, creative and determined to soar higher in the fiercely competitive Nigerian music industry. Iwuagwu Ebere Pat popularly known as Commissioner DJ Wysei, shares with Vanguard her passion for music and how her journey to Disc Jockeying all started. “I am a lover of music, hence made me a professional Disc Jockey (DJ). The passion for music developed during my secondary school years and through my University days as a student. I am also a certified Information Technologist. Though I had no Idea I would decide on disk jockeying. I have had lots of experiences in my career when I started as a DJ. I can boldly say publicly that I came out strong when I noticed that in the industry, it is not just about being a lady with all the attractive features to offer, but such that could attract the needed attention and know what the listeners want.” Read more at: